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Why You Should Use a Mobile Car Wash Like Quickease

When it comes to cleaning your car there are a lot of different ways to go about it. Each way has it's advantages and disadvantages and in this post we're going to explain why using a mobile car wash like Quickease is your best option!

Washing your car is a chore. Some enthusiasts love cleaning their own cars, and that's great! If you consider yourself a car enthusiast and prefer to spend your Saturday afternoons detailing your car, then this article is NOT for you. This article is for those of us who understand the importance of keeping a clean car, but just don't have the time to do it ourselves.

If you're a busy mom, or a working professional putting in a ton of hours every week, or you just have a packed schedule, then washing your own car is probably not the best way to spend your time. Even if you're taking your car to a location that does the cleaning for you, you most likely have to sit in the lobby and wait until it's done. That sucks! But if you could have someone come to you and clean your car so that you can focus your time on better things, wouldn't that be awesome? Well, mobile car wash services do just that.

More and more services are moving toward on-demand options that come to you, and that includes car washing. Now we're talking! Mobile car wash and detailing services are becoming much more popular due to new technologies and quite frankly, it's the best way to achieve that clean car goal, while saving the most time.

The Quickease Advantage

This is where Quickease comes in. Quickease is the most convenient way to get your car cleaned. With clear packages and pricing, simple booking, and 5-star quality, Quickease let's you achieve that clean car with minimal effort. You literally don't even need to leave the couch if you don't want to!

Save Valuable Time

The biggest advantage to using a mobile service that comes to you is the time savings! An average car wash, whether it's DIY, or going to a full-service location can take 1-3 hours out of your day. That's ridiculous! Our service allows you to spend less than 5 minutes booking your appointment and then you're done! Our detailer arrives ready to clean your car! This not only saves you time so you can focus on doing better things, but it also means you get to save gas! No need to even turn on your car.

The Safest Way to Clean

Another important reason that mobile services are the most beneficial option for you is the safety of hand washing. Without proper tools and knowledge, you can easily scratch or damage your vehicle. On the other hand, tunnel washes are known for damaging vehicles due to their aggressive spinning brushes. We hear horror stories from our clients ALL THE TIME about how the local tunnel wash scratched up their car, popped their tires, and more.

In comparison to the crazy risk you take subjecting your car to these wash methods Quickease uses the safest methods and chemicals in the industry. We use professional microfiber rags and hand wash processes to be gentle yet effective. We train our detailers to the highest degree and arm them with the knowledge and expertise to handle cleaning your car using the safest methods possible. Our goal is to clean your car while preserving the finish as much as possible.


Another great advantage to using a mobile car wash is that it can be more eco-friendly than traditional car wash options. a DIY wash process at home can use more than 50 gallons of water. Most tunnel washes are expected to use around 20 gallons per water. While these wash tunnels are better at recycling and filtering used water, they still aren't as efficient as professional mobile wash services. Our standard process uses less than 5 gallons of water per car wash. Not to mention, that's perfectly filtered spot-free water!

What Are You Waiting For?

As you can see, there are many options to have your car cleaned, but most of them may require you to do some cleaning yourself. Even if you're not doing any cleaning yourself, you'll need to take time out of your day to take your vehicle somewhere and wait in a boring lobby while your vehicle is serviced.

On the other hand, Quickease provides an extremely convenient mobile service that allows you to spend your time doing basically anything else you want, instead of cleaning your car! Aside from saving priceless time, we use the safest most professional methods and tools, and even provide eco-friendly services compared to the alternatives.

Next time you get in your car and think, "I really need to get my car cleaned," head right over to our booking page and set your appointment. It'll take just a few minutes, then you'll be free to spend your time doing more important activities! We'll take care of the rest!

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