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Silver Detail

Our Silver Detail includes a full exterior deep clean and detail along with our quick interior service. We begin with a thorough deep cleaning on the exterior, wheels, and wells. Then complete a quick interior cleaning including vacuum, wipe down, window cleaning, and door jamb cleaning.


We end the service with an upgraded 6-Month ceramic coating on the paint, Rain-X on the windows, tire shine, interior conditioner for protection, and your choice of a free scent!




About Our Processes



We start all of our services with a safe and thorough cleaning of the exterior. Using the highest grade products, 100% spot-free water, and microfiber towels, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

Our exterior wash always include scrubbing the entire body, removing all bugs and tar, scrubbing the wheels, outside windows, and inside the fuel door area. Our exterior washes end with a full dry with microfiber drying towels.


Once your car is cleaned, its time to protect it! All of our services include a 3-month wax application to protect your paint, Rain-X for better visibility when driving in rain, and tire shine.



Every service includes a thorough vacuum of the seats, floor mats, carpet, under seats, and trunk area. We aim to remove all debris and make your car look brand new!

For excessive sand or pet hair, we recommend adding Pet Hair Removal to your service. This will give the tech more time to focus on the details.



After giving your car a nice bath, it's recommended to apply some protection to help keep it clean! We include a 3-Month Spray Wax with every service. This is applied on the paint to help keep it protected from UV rays, which deteriorate paint over time.


Wax also acts as a protective barrier against things like bugs, tree sap, tar, and more. Not to mention, it gives your car that bautiful shine that you've been waiting for!


If you would like more information or have a question for us, please do not hesitate to contact us


5,000+customers trust us to take car of their vehicles every year.

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